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    The first organized clay-therapy and water-therapy center in Balkans, in Xilokeratia, Kilkis, 21klm from Thessaloniki

     Very close to the city but far from noise and stress you get the change to  relax and live some days of relaxation and soul calmness, taking care of your personal health.

     The complex of the Spa Baths of Pikrolimni, combines pioneering methods of therapy like: mud therapy-clay therapy, water-therapy, physiotherapy, massage-therapy, drinking-therapy, beauty and sports.

     Disposing the most modern equipment and trained personnel, consisting of doctors, physiotherapists, nursing personnel, planning personal therapy and revitalization programs for every visitor, we give the sensation of absolute trust concerning your health.

     The therapeutic properties of clay and of the water of Pikrolimni lake are known from the antiquity, where today with the respective expertise of the scientific medical institution and of the Center of National Health System, sulphur mud and the therapeutic water is used for diseases like: rheumamyosceletic deceases, arthritis, skin diseases and gynecological deceases. The modern premises of the Therapeutically Tourist Center of Clay Therapy - Water Therapy operates every day the whole year, giving the chance to our visitors to get informed about the therapy methods as well as about the contracts in force with the Insurance Funds.

     PIKROLIMNI was known with a different name in the ancient times. Information from ancient sources speak for the area of Kliton and mainly for the lake Pikrolimni, where sulphur clay was gushing out, at the area where the bicarbonate nitre was drawn out. In combination with descriptions of younger travelers we are leaded to the identification of this lake with Pikrolimni of today and to the search of Kliton in Kristonia and concretely at the bank of Xylokeratia, in a small distance from Morrylos.
     "Nature endowed Pikrolimni, favoring her with the special features, that is the content of clay and water in precious trace elements of metals and minerals with significant therapeutic and revitalizing properties."


Therapeutical Tourist Center of Clay Therapy - Water Therapy Hotel Pikrolimni
Xilokeratia, 611 00, Kilkis
Tel. (+30) 23410-29971-72-73, Fax: (+30) 23410-29975, -mail: info@pikrolimnispa.gr